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Hello, I'm Marta...


... and I’m the founder of Floating Feather, a range of eco-friendly and completely natural aromatherapy beauty and wellbeing products.  

I am formally trained in aromatherapymassage therapy, and Ayurvedic healing but the inspiration behind my products comes from nature. 

I deeply believe in the power of nature and that, as humans, we benefit from living in tune with it, giving and receiving from our beautiful Earth. 

I draw on my knowledge of the magical powers of essential oils, plants, herbs, my love of nature, and crystal healing to work in harmony with our physical and energetic bodies.


I make all Floating Feather products by the strictest purity, quality and ethical standards.

The products are designed to be in harmony with nature as much as they are designed to be in harmony with me and you. 

  • Everything is hand made in small batches.

  • I only use ethically produced, plant-based materials. 

  • I carefully select high-quality essential oils.

  • My ingredients are carefully chosen for their therapeutic benefits.

  • Where possible, I source my ingredients from local suppliers. 

  • All Floating Feather packaging is mostly recyclable, I believe in trying to reduce the use of plastic and unnecessary packaging within the industry.


All my products are:

• 100% free from parabens, SLS, mineral oil, 

    sulphates, & synthetic fragrances

• 100% free from palm oil

• scented only with essential oils

• vegan friendly and cruelty-free

• unnecessary packaging-free 

• homemade

• designed, formulated, hand-blended, and labeled by myself.

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